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DRYSTEAM SUPREME BlueEvolution XL+/ XL+ Stainless steel THREE PHASE

R121,000.00 including vat

The New Blue Evolution XL Drysteam cleaning machine is a powerful Dry Steam Cleaning and Sanitising machine.  It has the following operating modes.

  • Steam Only (wet or dry steam)
  • Vacuum Only (built in industrial strength vacuum machine)
  • Simultaneous Steam and Vacuum (to deep extract dirt from carpets and upholstery)

This German Engineered industrial class Dry Steam Cleaning machine is made in Italy. It supplies 10 Bar of powerful steam pressure to clean and dislodge the most stubborn dirt and germs, and it heat us to a portent Microbial killing temperature of 180 Degree Centigrade.

There is nothing in the market today that cleans and sanitizes quite like The Drysteam Supreme BlueEvolution Drysteam Cleaning Machines, without the need for detegents or chemicals. Drysteam kills most pathogens on impact thus improving food safety. What Drysteam doesn’t immediately kill, then the patented UV light at the bottom of the waste tank does the rest. The machine uses a fraction of the water compared to conventional cleaning methods. In Drysteam mode, the machine only uses 90ml of water per minute, and a maximum of 170ml/m in wet steam extraction mode. This makes it ideal for food manufacturers in the Western Cape who need to watch their water consumption.

Ideal for the Carwash, Auto Detailing and Motor dealership Industry and  General Cleaning of Floors, deep extraction of couches, carpets and upholstery.

To see it in operation, please visit our Youtube Channel click here

NOTE: IF NO STOCK AVAILABLE AT TIME OF ORDERING YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE A R15 000 irrevocable deposit to secure your machine (5-6 week lead time)


Contact Henri on 083 226 55 99 to find about stock availability and lead times.

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