With over 10 Million cars on South Africa's roads, its no wonder that Carwash and valet businesses are thriving and sought after !

Can you afford not to start one?

All in one Mobile Carwash Solution

Drysteam Supreme CarWash is the ideal business opportunity for the budding entrepreneur. We supply Italian-made leading edge technology  machines that deliver 8 bar of pure Drysteam power to clean the dirtiest vehicles, inside and out. Drysteam can clean the bodywork, engine, upholstery, leather, carpets, windows and tyre rims.

The Drysteam Supreme Pro machine delivers wet or dry steam in order to solve all cleaning problems and can operate in one of three modes, including Steam Only, Vacuum only, or Steam/Vacuum combination (the only industrial grade Drysteam Cleaning machine in South Africa capable of operating in one of three modes).

With Drysteam there is no waste water run-off, meaning that you can clean cars in showrooms without wetting the floor. The super powerful extraction mode ensures that upholstery and carpets are deep cleaned and able to dry within a matter of minutes instead of hours.

The 29Kg highly maneuverable machine allows operators to offer mobile carwash services wherever customers need them. Our industrial machine is the most compact in the market and you can easily fit it in a hatch-back or back seat of a standard sedan. No need for customized trailers or a bakkie.

Little or no detergents and chemicals required. It's a 100% green technology for environment-friendly car cleaning and sanitizing that consumes less than 4 litres of water per car, while traditional carwash methods use between 80 and 200 litres per car.

In this business you're not restricted to only cleaning cars. You can also offer drysteam cleaning services for boats, bikes, caravans, trucks and aeroplanes.


Innovation in carwash business

An approved Drysteam Supreme CarWash business can deliver the highest quality vehicle cleaning service. Service can be delivered at the customer's premises offering convenience and affordability. Clean one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.  Our method is super fast, saving time and guaranteeing increased profits.

Some of the services you can offer include:

  • Washing and degreasing without scratches
  • Cleaning of dashboards, windows and upholstery
  • Sanitizing car interiors by killing germs and mites
  • Remove bad odours
  • Deep dirt extraction and stain removal from seats and carpets
  • Cleaning of engines and undercarriages
  • Upholstery and carpets are dry and ready to use in a few seconds


Experience the future of car washing

Dry steam is also a great advantage when opening a typical, stationary car wash: it saves hundreds of litres of water, not to mention soaps and detergents. No permissions or authorizations (other than business licences) are needed as there is no water run-off. Specialized filters and sewerage are also not required. Easier, faster and cheaper than any other carwashing system available:

  • low cost technology
  • 100% ecologically friendly
  • no permissions required (double-check with your municipality)
  • no filters, drainage systems, separators, etc. needed



Start your own Drysteam Carwash and Valet business for a fraction of the cost of other business opportunities.

We offer:

  • Leading Edge Technology portable Drysteam Machines
  • Over 20 different accessories, including nozzles, brushes and fittings
  • Operator and Business Training
  • Marketing material and Referrals
  • No monthly Franchise or Agency Fees

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We are also looking for distributors or resellers of our machines throughout Southern Africa.

Professional Cleaning Services are in great demand - Over 16 million households and over 1 million registered businesses in South Africa

Drysteam cleaning makes the competition irrelevant

Home and Office Cleaning Services in Demand

Complex labour laws, busy lifestyles and health and safety regulatory requirements are creating a big demand for professional cleaning services. Demand for professional, qualified cleaning services in South Africa currently outstrips supply.

The majority of Cleaning Service companies use conventional cleaning methods heavily reliant on harsh chemicals and detergents. In fact, some of these companies try to differentiate themselves in the market by the chemicals and detergents they have invented or are using. Some of these chemicals and detergents are not bio-degradable and often land up polluting our rivers and underground water. This is not to say that there aren't any good bio-degradable natural detergents and sanitizers in the industry...there are. Wouldn't it be better though, if one could rely less on chemicals and detergents and more on natural cleaning solutions? That solution already exists and is called Drysteam.

The professional cleaning services business tends to focus on specific services only. Popular cleaning services include and are usually limited to:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • General Home or Office cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

The above trend naturally leads to competition in those focused verticals. You just need to Google "Carpet Cleaning" to see hundreds of companies offering their services. Dig a little further and you will find that these most of these companies use antiquated and ineffective cleaning methods and technologies.

So, is there a better way?

Drysteam Supreme - Cleaning Service Disruptor & Differentiator

Steam cleaning machines have been around for the past few decades. Most of these old technology machines generated a wet steam which delivered results but took long to dry.

Over the past 8 years, there has been a shift to Drysteam technology. Drysteam is an innovative, highly effective and eco-friendly way to clean almost anything. However, adoption of this technology by Cleaning Service companies has been slow due to exorbitant equipment prices.

Drysteam Supreme has secured exclusive rights to Italian made Drysteam machines that are not only leading edge technology but also a fraction of the cost of other machines, offering more features and functionality. Unlike other Drysteam machines, the Drysteam Supreme PRO machine is lightweight, portable and highly maneuverable. The Drysteam Supreme PRO is the only machine in the market offering patented UV light technology (natural sanitizer), HEPA filtration, HACCP approved and able to operate in one of three modes; steam only (dry or wet), Vacuum only or Steam/Vacuum combination.

From the above, it is clear for you to see the benefits and opportunities of starting a Cleaning Services company that will totally disrupt the market and open other opportunities in less crowded segments of the cleaning industry.

Drysteam not only cleans but removes oils and stains, degreases, kills bacteria and pathogens, removes bio-films and gets into hard to reach places. The clear advantage of using drysteam, besides its ecological characteristics, is a wide range of applications. Preheated steam is undoubtedly the best natural solution for deep cleaning and sanitizing.

Herewith some examples of specialist services that one could offer and differentiate from competitors:

  • Restaurants - Remove biofilms in kitchens, Degrease cooking appliances, remove oils from floorsDentist
  • Hotels & BnB's - Kill bed bugs, remove stains from mattresses carpets and upholstery, clean and disinfect showers and toilets
  • Dentist Rooms - Clean and kill bacteria in room, chairs, apparatus and basin
  • Hospitals & Clinics - disinfecting medical cabinets, laboratories, equipment
  • Veterinary Clinics - Kill bugs and mites, disinfect kennels, remove odours
  • Factories - Remove oil from floor and degrease machinery
  • Public Areas - remove graffiti, bubble gum, illegal stick-on signs
  • Caravans & Boats - Deep cleanse upholstery, clean internally and externally

... and of course, there is nothing stopping you from also cleaning carpets, couches, windows, floors and even car washing and valet.


Join the Drysteam Supreme family and start your own profitable Professional Cleaning Service Company

Our innovative drysteam technology and cleaning know-how will enable you to start your own profitable professional cleaning services company. You will be able to differentiate your business in the cleaning services sector and thus make bigger profits. Specialize in unique services that nobody else is able to deliver and make even bigger profits.

Our aim is to empower like-minded entrepreneurs to start their own business and unshackle them from a dependency on a 9 to 5 job. Why make your boss rich?

We will train you on how to effectively operate our steam machines, guide you through the business process and how to deliver outstanding customer service, including:

  • System know-how
  • Business model & revenue opportunities
  • Marketing & advertising material and programs
  • Technical and operating training and advice

We want to see you succeed - Your success is our success.

Our futuristic cleaning solutions will be available in Southern Africa soon and we urge you to consider this unique business opportunity and join our network of approved cleaners.

No ongoing Royalties or Professional Fees!

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Finance Options Available for Companies older than 2 years, subject to approval.